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I’m going to be a reading fool this Summer.  I have 3 books to read for work, book studies on educational topics.  I found a great deal on some others that I want to read for personal reasons: leadership, info., etc.  But two that I’m enjoying are: Battle Ready by Tom Clancy, I found that for $1 at Half Price Books in the clearance section, the other is One Second After by William Forstchen. One Second After is a fictional account of a very possible scenario that our country isn’t ready to deal with – an EMP attack.  We have no idea how much technology touches our lives.  An EMP attack would immediately take us all back to the Middle Ages.  The forward is by Newt Gingrich.  It sells for $17 on Amazon, but I picked it up for $7 @ Sam’s Club. Check out a Youtube video interview with the author here.

What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than to teach the kids gun safety and target practice with their new Daisy 880….and  shoot @ zombie targets purchased at Jim Pruetts Gun & Ammo! 😉

I recommend checking out Steve Harris’ free mp3 on Family Preparedness. You can find it here –

It would also be a good idea to visit this blog every once in a while – but don’t get to depressed. 🙂 –

Mr. Bart came by with some deer meat.  I can’t believe how good it tasted.  I reminded Belinda about how she said she wouldn’t ever eat deer sausage if I had some processed after hunting, but she just smiled and devoured it.  Even without all the spices we are used to, it was still good.

We are excited that vegetables are starting to show up.  They are small, but we are being diligent about watering and making sure animals don’t get them.

Deer Processing Video

So the zombie apocalypse happened and now you miss all the stuff you used to have. You miss the 5 Tv´s and the 4 computers and the tons of CD´s and the 3 cars. Why not start to change your “possession obsession” BEFORE you are forced to live with very little. This approach will make the transition considerably more tolerable. Remember that “More” is not necessarily “Better”

It is amazing how many things we have that we never use. It is even more amazing how much that stuff might be worth if we sell it though craigslist or eBay.

Living with less frees your spirit and makes you more flexible. It is also a projection of your self confidence. You start living more in the moment. There is nothing wrong with plans, goals and objectives. But there is a liberating feeling when you know that no matter what life throws at you, you will be able to handle it. So keeping your stock of “just in case” useless items to a minimum, you will make a statement to yourself that no event will be too big to handle. Try to keep things that have more than one use. Get rid of those items that are designed for a single superfluous use (like that exercise machine turned clothes hanger cluttering your room)

A good easy way to start de-cluttering your office or home is to compartmentalize your simplification initiative. Work your way room by room or area by area. Put aside the items that you think you won’t use and put them in a container. If you did not use any of them during the following 3 months, you can safely get rid of them. This includes some of those items that hold “sentimental” value. Be aware that most of them are just JUNK!

Keep in mind that if you are a “Prepper”, this initiative does not apply to your safety food stock. This philosophy relates more to the myriad of useless junk we never use but feel good about keeping. Imagine how much space you will save by ripping your 1,000 CD collection and storing all that music in your mp3 Player. You will find yourself listening to your favorite music more once is readily available electronically.

A fantastic definition of wealth that I heard somewhere goes something like this: “Wealth is the difference between what you have and what you need”. Needing fewer things in your life, will definitely make you wealthier.