Are you a Prepper?  A prepper is someone who is preparing for hard times in the future, be it personal finances, natural disaster, terrorism or economic turmoil.  We don’t want any of these things to happen, we just want to be prepared if something does happen.  Check out this post on Homestead Revival for some inspiration.

For a quick reality check, mentally go through your pantry/freezer and think about how many days worth of meals you can come count on.  I know some people that go to the grocery store every other day.  Now, what if  something was to happen and there was a disruption of services to the local grocery stores?  Grocery stores don’t carry stock in their stockrooms anymore.  With a “just on time” strategy, computers tell the warehouse how much they need for the next day.  Grocery stores would run out of food in no time.

It might be a good idea to have some food on hand.  Even if nothing ever happens, with food prices going up, anything you buy now, would be an investment.  Just buy what you normally eat.  Food purchased at the store has a longer shelf life than you might think.  Check out this previous post on food storage and this website on food shelf life.

Besides food, there are many other items that preppers stock up on.  These items can run the gammit.  Here is my next point…  You should be informed.

There is a lot of info. out there.  But doing a Google search will keep you going in circles with the websites that do a better job of search engine optimization.  I learned early on that I could bounce from one website to website or blog to blog that had great info.  I wouldn’t have hit these sites from a search engine.  The problem comes when you find a blog that is worth visiting, but then have to bookmark it to go back to the newer posts.  I use Google Reader for that.  Check out this short how-to-video on using Google Reader – (not created just yet.) 😉

Another place for a great source of information is Twitter.  I don’t necessarily care what a person had for supper.  But I do want to know if someone has found a great article on the web somewhere.  Check out this short how-to-video on using Twitter in this way. Check out these two links for Twitter basics – Basics 1 and Basic 2.