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As I delve deeper into prepping, it’s not hard to find “the kooks.” They are out there, and they have websites, podcasts, videos and more. They are the extremist who believe that TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it) is upon us, for whatever reason, man made or mother nature.

In fact, you can find the kook fringe in every domain of life. You probably know some. I encountered the kook fringe in Christianity when I started looking into the home church idea. Back then, there were only a few websites….and they were so anti-institutional church that some seemed very militant if you weren’t doing church in a home and leadership wasn’t shared among the laity. That’s all changed now. The home church idea is very much mainstream.

And that is my point. Eventually, if the fringe is correct, it will move into the mainline of society. When you look into how many people are “prepping,” it is kind of mind-boggling. There is a sense out there that things are not going well, and that people who will do well are those who have prepared and have a plan for themselves and their family.

Which gets me thinking, do I wanna be a kook?

Kooks get laughed at. They are made fun of. They are thought of as people with some kind of disorder. “You’re just crazy. If I want some food, I’ll just drive down to the local grocery store and pick up what I need. Why am I going to stock up?”

The thing about kooks is that they have laid the ground work. They have done the heavy lifting by trial and error AND they want to share it with others who want to learn. Like I said earlier, you can find videos on almost any topic related to prepping. You can listen to podcasts and read articles that detail important info. as well as, encouragement for the weary or freaked out.

So, I’m not running to the wilderness anytime soon to start living like the Unabomber. I’m going to hang on to my Blackberry, garden in my backyard, build some sort of food storage…basically plan and prepare hoping that I will never have to go into WTSHTF mode. I’m also going to keep learning and getting ideas from the kook fringe.

I hope I’m not wrong.  But I don’t believe that we will have a “Book of Eli,” “Mad Max,”  “The Walking Dead” type of world anytime soon.  Again, I hope I’m wrong.  I do believe that it is more likely that we would have an economic collapse or even more likely, a disruption of services…all types (transportation, medical, etc…).  But that is a different, longer post.

That belief, along with the reality that food prices are sky rocketing, leads me to believe, like so many others, that it would be a good idea to have some extra food laying around the house.

I’ve been going to the grocery store for my family for many, many years.  Back when we ran the group home (5-7 girls), it was my time to get out of the house for a bit! When we left the group home after 11 1/2 years, I just continued going.  When I go, I like to have a list and I want at least one week planned out.  But I know that there are some people that go every other day, on their way home from work, to buy things to make dinner.

If we have a disruption of services or anything else worse, the store shelves would be empty in no time.  Just visit a grocery store in Houston when a hurricane has been forecasted to hit! 😉

People who don’t have some type of food supply are going to be in deep water!  Now, I believe that most people are good.  I believe that neighbors will help neighbors.  That was the case in my neighborhood when we lost power for multiple days after Hurricane Ike.  My wife and I talked to neighbors that we had never met.

But, do you want to risk it?  Wouldn’t you rather be prepared? Informed?

Freeze dried good companies are so backed up right now.  A lot of it has to do with Glenn Beck talking about it on his show.  Having some super long term food might be a good practice, but most things have a decent shelf life.  For instance, canned goods have almost an indefinite shelf life.  Research has proven that some of the nutritional value, taste and coloring might go, but the food is still free from bacteria and good to eat.  But you might want to have more than Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup in the pantry.  What about rice, beans and flour for bread?

Check out some of these websites that talk about shelf life of some of our staple foods. – gives you dates for pantry, refrigerator & freezer – pdf that you can download – good info. – good posts

Lastly, if you decide to store some food, don’t empty your bank account and go to Costco to load up.  Be a good steward of your resources.  Buy items on sale, use coupons and be smart about it!  Put aside some money each week to go towards your investment…but rotate your stock.  Also, check these sites out for more helpful hints. – Coupon savings – Article – Article on why you should stock-up.
– Good Article

I’m starting a garden in my backyard. I’m a total noob and don’t have a green thumb. But I’m going to try. I created a video of the steps I took to build it.

More about above ground gardens.

I ran across this video from April in Houston. She shows you her beginning stockpile of groceries. It might be a good idea.  Hear me out.

Last time we had a hurricane aiming for us, the store shelves were emptied fast! I remember being willing to pick up anything so that there might be food in the house just in case the hurricane hit us bad. Can you still remember the pics and images from Katrina?  It took a while for supplies and help to get into New Orleans and people were kind of crazy.

We have the possibility of hurricanes hitting us too!  But there are other reasons to stockpile a little extra food.   Like, what if there is a financial meltdown?  A meltdown is very possible (Google it).  I’m not saying things will get like Mad Max or anything.  But there might be a sudden stop to supplies…at least for a few days until food suppliers, trucking companies, banks, etc… get a grip.  What will happen to those people who go to the grocery store every couple of days and haven’t had time to prepare for a time like that?

Another good reason to keep a little stock is that food prices are going up right now.  When you find something at a good deal, you might want to buy a little extra to save some money down the road.  You can check out April’s video on how much money she saved using coupons.  After seeing that, it makes me want to start clipping! Check out the coupon video here.

Lastly, I would think that when there are people hurting out there, because of financial hardships and such, that good people would step up, do the right thing and lend a helping hand.  That’s a good reason to have a little extra on hand!

You probably shouldn’t go crazy and buy out Walmart tomorrow.  You should have a little plan to get your stock up.  You can easily purchase a few extra items of things you know your family will eat and rotate the food in your pantry to create a little stock.  Cans have at least a 2 year shelf life before the food start changing colors (but still safe to eat).  Can you think of other necessities?  What about toilet paper? 😉  Check out this website article on starting a Grocery stockpile.

Anyway, check out her video below and if you want, check out her Youtube Channel.

Dang…reading headlines today makes me wanna hold on to my wallet a little tighter!

Have you seen this flash video?  It is long, but you should watch it and then Google some of the things that are mentioned to come to your own decisions.  Click Here!

The world is crazy! Young people are shooting politicians. Birds are falling from the sky and fish are washing up on the shore. Federal and State budgets are out of control, threats of services being cut are rampant. The economy is tanking. There is news that other governments are moving away from using the US dollar as the trading currency….which if that happens, our money is worthless. Oil and gas is costing more at the pump. And then there is the threat of solar flares that can wipe out electronics. I’m sure I’m missing a ton of stuff….I’m not even touching the local issues like drinking water and crime.

When the world goes to Hell in a hand basket, are you going to be prepared? Do you take time to think through some of these things or will you be caught off guard with your head in the sand?

True, you can’t prepare for every type of situation…but you can have an idea of how you might respond. You should keep an eye and ear open to what is happening in the world around you and maybe have a plan.

As for me…bring it!