As I delve deeper into prepping, it’s not hard to find “the kooks.” They are out there, and they have websites, podcasts, videos and more. They are the extremist who believe that TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it) is upon us, for whatever reason, man made or mother nature.

In fact, you can find the kook fringe in every domain of life. You probably know some. I encountered the kook fringe in Christianity when I started looking into the home church idea. Back then, there were only a few websites….and they were so anti-institutional church that some seemed very militant if you weren’t doing church in a home and leadership wasn’t shared among the laity. That’s all changed now. The home church idea is very much mainstream.

And that is my point. Eventually, if the fringe is correct, it will move into the mainline of society. When you look into how many people are “prepping,” it is kind of mind-boggling. There is a sense out there that things are not going well, and that people who will do well are those who have prepared and have a plan for themselves and their family.

Which gets me thinking, do I wanna be a kook?

Kooks get laughed at. They are made fun of. They are thought of as people with some kind of disorder. “You’re just crazy. If I want some food, I’ll just drive down to the local grocery store and pick up what I need. Why am I going to stock up?”

The thing about kooks is that they have laid the ground work. They have done the heavy lifting by trial and error AND they want to share it with others who want to learn. Like I said earlier, you can find videos on almost any topic related to prepping. You can listen to podcasts and read articles that detail important info. as well as, encouragement for the weary or freaked out.

So, I’m not running to the wilderness anytime soon to start living like the Unabomber. I’m going to hang on to my Blackberry, garden in my backyard, build some sort of food storage…basically plan and prepare hoping that I will never have to go into WTSHTF mode. I’m also going to keep learning and getting ideas from the kook fringe.


Amber burned some of her hair today.  After the initial freak out, it seemed kind of funny.  She just got to close to the fire when she was cooking.  The burned hair smelled nasty.  Probably because so much was burned.  Belinda helped her trim it up so that it could look more even on both sides.  But it still looks bad.  We are just being polite about it.  Poor girl!  We still catch her crying at times, especially when we notice dust being kicked up on the road because someone is coming down.  She gets her hopes up and then you see her shoulders drop as if all her hopes leave her body.  It’s been four months now and her parents still haven’t showed up.  We can only imagine the worst.

But really, we are all expecting people up here.  My dad and mom, my brother and his wife, my in-laws and Amber’s family.  We wouldn’t have room for everyone in reality, but when the SHTF, we started calling all her family and told them we were headed up to our place in the country.  Everyone knew how to get here but Amber’s family.  We gave them good directions though.  All I can think of is that everyone waited so long to get out of the city.  A few weeks back a passerby told us that he had heard the military had made Houston a base and weren’t letting anyone in or out.  We can’t confirm that though.

Yahoo Answers – Burned Hair – Burned Hair
Communication Plans for WTSHTF
Make a Plan – Ready America (FEMA?)

Messing around in the backyard.

I hope I’m not wrong.  But I don’t believe that we will have a “Book of Eli,” “Mad Max,”  “The Walking Dead” type of world anytime soon.  Again, I hope I’m wrong.  I do believe that it is more likely that we would have an economic collapse or even more likely, a disruption of services…all types (transportation, medical, etc…).  But that is a different, longer post.

That belief, along with the reality that food prices are sky rocketing, leads me to believe, like so many others, that it would be a good idea to have some extra food laying around the house.

I’ve been going to the grocery store for my family for many, many years.  Back when we ran the group home (5-7 girls), it was my time to get out of the house for a bit! When we left the group home after 11 1/2 years, I just continued going.  When I go, I like to have a list and I want at least one week planned out.  But I know that there are some people that go every other day, on their way home from work, to buy things to make dinner.

If we have a disruption of services or anything else worse, the store shelves would be empty in no time.  Just visit a grocery store in Houston when a hurricane has been forecasted to hit! 😉

People who don’t have some type of food supply are going to be in deep water!  Now, I believe that most people are good.  I believe that neighbors will help neighbors.  That was the case in my neighborhood when we lost power for multiple days after Hurricane Ike.  My wife and I talked to neighbors that we had never met.

But, do you want to risk it?  Wouldn’t you rather be prepared? Informed?

Freeze dried good companies are so backed up right now.  A lot of it has to do with Glenn Beck talking about it on his show.  Having some super long term food might be a good practice, but most things have a decent shelf life.  For instance, canned goods have almost an indefinite shelf life.  Research has proven that some of the nutritional value, taste and coloring might go, but the food is still free from bacteria and good to eat.  But you might want to have more than Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup in the pantry.  What about rice, beans and flour for bread?

Check out some of these websites that talk about shelf life of some of our staple foods. – gives you dates for pantry, refrigerator & freezer – pdf that you can download – good info. – good posts

Lastly, if you decide to store some food, don’t empty your bank account and go to Costco to load up.  Be a good steward of your resources.  Buy items on sale, use coupons and be smart about it!  Put aside some money each week to go towards your investment…but rotate your stock.  Also, check these sites out for more helpful hints. – Coupon savings – Article – Article on why you should stock-up.
– Good Article

I didn’t realize how much I would hate to walk down to the creek everyday to get water for the crops we planted.   Actually, with this heat, I’m thinking we need to do this in the morning and in the early evening.  However, in one hand we carry the bucket of water, in the other we carry some sort of weapon.

The zombie the other day has a little skittish still.  The woods are thick and we are very careful.  So, it turns mindless, muscle work into stressful work.  I’m so grateful that the boys are helping.  We all have to chip in!  It wasn’t always like that.  Life before the outbreak was so easy!  It’s a long way from our just drive down to McDonald’s days!  What I wouldn’t do for a quarter pounder with cheese right now!

As some point we need to thin out the path to the creek.  We go down there enough.  I also would like to get some sort of irrigation system going.  It will need some planning though.  The creek goes downhill from the house.  So we will have to take the water up before channeling it to the field.  Plumbing….that is something else I miss!

Solar Powered Pump
Battery Powered Pump
Sling Pump
DIY – McDonald’s Quarter Pounder – LOL

I shot my crossbow for the first time today. I’m such a wuss, my shoulders/pinched nerve is hurting. I’m going to have to get used to that.

Anyway, Rich over at Gander Mountain at 290 & Hwy 6 was very helpful on the range. I’m going to call customer service and give him some props.

The pic was of my last 3 shots. I shot a total of about 10. I had to buy an arrow puller for next time cause it shot the bolt so far into the block. I actually had to use 2 blocks back to back because of the power. 😉

Uhm… No!  I’m not talking about Harry Potter!  This can be considered pt.2 of my previous post, Our Lost Skills.

I don’t think anyone would deny that our advances in society are great.  I’m really glad I can go to the restroom in my nice, comfortable, warm restroom and not have to take a walk to the out-house.  But as things have become easier to make, buy, etc… we have lost some of the skills that were just common knowledge years ago.

Just the other day my dad was telling me about a lady on his block that would pay him for cutting her grass with canned fruit.  She would go to the local grocery store and buy fruit, at a reduced price, that was about to go bad and can it.  She was an old school prepper!  But something that was so common back then, is almost forgotten now…  Not everybody…you know what I mean.  It’s like those skills have become arts now.

But what if you could learn those skills?  You can go to Youtube and find some great tutorials and people who care about getting the info. out there.  But what if you could have a hands-on experience?  What would you like to learn?

  • canning
  • bread making
  • soap
  • gardening
  • water purification
  • orientation
  • edible plants around your area

Help me out here… Leave me a comment on what you would like to learn and then take the time to answer the poll (to the right).

If you want me to keep you updated… send me an email using the contact button to the right.  Thanks!