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Mr. Bart came by with some deer meat.  I can’t believe how good it tasted.  I reminded Belinda about how she said she wouldn’t ever eat deer sausage if I had some processed after hunting, but she just smiled and devoured it.  Even without all the spices we are used to, it was still good.

We are excited that vegetables are starting to show up.  They are small, but we are being diligent about watering and making sure animals don’t get them.

Deer Processing Video


Amber burned some of her hair today.  After the initial freak out, it seemed kind of funny.  She just got to close to the fire when she was cooking.  The burned hair smelled nasty.  Probably because so much was burned.  Belinda helped her trim it up so that it could look more even on both sides.  But it still looks bad.  We are just being polite about it.  Poor girl!  We still catch her crying at times, especially when we notice dust being kicked up on the road because someone is coming down.  She gets her hopes up and then you see her shoulders drop as if all her hopes leave her body.  It’s been four months now and her parents still haven’t showed up.  We can only imagine the worst.

But really, we are all expecting people up here.  My dad and mom, my brother and his wife, my in-laws and Amber’s family.  We wouldn’t have room for everyone in reality, but when the SHTF, we started calling all her family and told them we were headed up to our place in the country.  Everyone knew how to get here but Amber’s family.  We gave them good directions though.  All I can think of is that everyone waited so long to get out of the city.  A few weeks back a passerby told us that he had heard the military had made Houston a base and weren’t letting anyone in or out.  We can’t confirm that though.

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I didn’t realize how much I would hate to walk down to the creek everyday to get water for the crops we planted.   Actually, with this heat, I’m thinking we need to do this in the morning and in the early evening.  However, in one hand we carry the bucket of water, in the other we carry some sort of weapon.

The zombie the other day has a little skittish still.  The woods are thick and we are very careful.  So, it turns mindless, muscle work into stressful work.  I’m so grateful that the boys are helping.  We all have to chip in!  It wasn’t always like that.  Life before the outbreak was so easy!  It’s a long way from our just drive down to McDonald’s days!  What I wouldn’t do for a quarter pounder with cheese right now!

As some point we need to thin out the path to the creek.  We go down there enough.  I also would like to get some sort of irrigation system going.  It will need some planning though.  The creek goes downhill from the house.  So we will have to take the water up before channeling it to the field.  Plumbing….that is something else I miss!

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This is a continuation of my zombie story set in the year 2017. To read more, or go to the beginning of the story, click on my Zombie Journal link.

I dozed off for a few hours last night after I killed the zombie. Surprisingly, I wasn’t sleepy. I think my adrenaline started pumping again. I let Belinda take care of breakfast. I didn’t want the zombie to just lay out there all morning.

I ventured outside cautiously. I don’t ever want to get to the point where let my guard down. I have people counting on me and I have to be on my A game at all times.

The headless body was dressed in blue jean overalls. The head was where it landed after I kicked it last night. The zombie looked thin, thinner than the body wearing the overalls should have been. Maybe they are getting hungry and starving? Will they starve to death?

Although the smell was disgusting and I just wanted to get the body to the burn pile, I decided to search the zombie’s pockets. The front right pocket had some spare change and keys in it. The back left pocket had a wallet.

His name was Brandon Ferguson. He was 47 years old a few months ago. He must have just had his birthday around the time of the outbreak. What a birthday present! I’m not quite sure, but I think his home is about 30 miles away. He must have been desperate and hungry. He walked through woods and barbed wire to get here. The thing that broke my heart was the picture of his family. He had a picture of his wife and two kids in his wallet. The picture must have been taken outside on their front porch. They were all happy. His boys look about 8 and 11 years old. I wonder what happened to his wife and kids?

I looked down and saw the wedding ring on his finger. Although I hated touching the zombie’s skin, I think that the gold ring might be worth trading later. I will sterilize it in hot water later today.

I dragged the body to the burn pile and went back for the head. I know I wasn’t very respectful of the dead, but I kicked the head to the burn pile. I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up or even use the shovel that I use with the vegetables. My mind went to the picture of his family as the flames engulfed the body. I couldn’t stand it too long though. The smell of the body was terrible. As I walked back to the house, my eyes caught the little cross by the tree on the far side of the pasture. My somber demeanor turned to angry as I thought about how Barker died.

The dog didn’t have a chance. It was just defending the family. But he went after that zombie on our first day here and was killed before I could get my gun out. The zombie tore a huge hole in his stomach. The kids were devastated. We buried him there by that tree because it looked so peaceful.

I don’t feel bad for killing that zombie anymore. I know that if it could have, it would have killed and eaten us. I have to check my emotions and not let that get in the way of acting when another one shows up. At least I didn’t hesitate last night!

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This is a continuation of my zombie story set in the year 2017.  To read more, or go to the beginning of the story, click on my Zombie Journal link.

My heart is really racing right now.  I don’t think I can go to sleep.  So I’m going to burn a little bit of this candle to write what happened.  Maybe getting it down on paper will help me settle down.

About 45 minutes ago, I heard a noise outside the window in the front yard.  All the candles were out because we were about to go to sleep.  It turns out the lights being off was a good thing!

I grabbed my crossbow because I assumed it was a deer passing through the pasture headed to the creek.  We haven’t had fresh meat in a while, and I know that the Foresters would appreciate whatever we could share.  But I was a little freaked when I saw one of the creatures out of the window.  It was about 35 yards out.

I normally wouldn’t have drawn attention, but this one had stopped and was looking around.  I think it knew that someone or something was close by.  It wasn’t walking in their normal slow ambivalent trajectory.

I put down my good hunting bolt with my lucky broadhead and picked up one of my homemade wooden bolts.  I loaded the crossbow and took aim.  I’m so glad that it was a full moon out.  The whole pasture lights up when there isn’t any clouds and it’s a full moon!

The bolt didn’t fly straight. I hit it right below the neck.  I loaded another homemade bolt and hit it right in the head!  It went down so fast that I wasn’t too sure exactly where in the head though.  As I continued to look out towards the creature lying on the ground, I thought I saw its foot twitch.

I didn’t think it was good to leave the creature lying in the pasture with the possibility of it getting up and coming towards the house.  I also felt a little bit more comfortable with all the moon light out.  I waited a few minutes to see if any other zombie might be around.

After about 10 minutes, I grabbed the machete and cautiously sprinted the distance to the zombie.  I ran, kept my eyes on the zombie and looked around all at the same time.  My heart was beating so fast.  It seemed like all my senses were heightened as adrenaline poured through my body.  I almost thought I heard the faint sound of the creature still breathing.

With one forceful swing I separated the head from the body.  I kicked the head a few feet away just to make sure and then sprinted back to the house…trying my best to look around and catch anything out of the ordinary while I controlled my  bodies desire to scream at this predicament that my family and I find ourselves in.  I shouldn’t have to be separating heads from bodies!

It’s been a while now and I haven’t heard anything else outside.  Somehow I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep though.

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Going to start farming tomorrow.  Since I’m new to all of this, I hope it comes out ok.  We are all hoping it comes out ok and we are able to grow some vegetables.  The neighbors have been real helpful.  One gave us some radish seeds and others are giving me advice on how to prepare the soil for the best harvest.

I’m glad dad filled up the tractor and left a few cans of diesel in the garage.  I don’t think he was suspecting anything would happen, but I found some green bean, cucumbers and corn seed too.  I don’t know what I’m going to do after I run out of fuel and seed to put into the ground.  I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

I’m hoping to have a large enough crop to share with some of the neighbors who have been so kind to us.  I’m hoping to have some extra vegetables to trade and help others too.  There is just know room for error and noob mistakes here.  So I’m kind of feeling the pressure.

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